November 2023

October 2023

Online consultation with the Ministry of Energy, M

25 October 2023

Independant advice on mining SESA Burkina Faso

After a round of online consultations, the NCEA provided an independent advice about updating the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) of the mining sector in Burkina Faso. The advice is about the terms of reference for updating…


16 October 2023

Diner pensant and kick off SusAn programme

As kick-off of the Sustainability Analysis (SusAn) program, the NCEA organised a diner pensant last month. The representatives of five independent, DGIS subsidized think thanks – Clingendael, ECDPM, GCA, PBL and WRI – and of the Ministry of…


9 October 2023

New colleague!

In October, the NCEA welcomed a new project assistant: Sandra van Klink.

September 2023

J and L

19 September 2023

NCEA welcomes two new colleagues

This month, NCEA welcomed two new colleagues: Joëlle (Project Assistant) and Landry (Technical Secretary). Here we will introduce them to you.

Kamb Souf

7 September 2023

Senegal: Independent advice on rehabilitation plan delivered

At the request of the Directorate of Control and Surveillance of Mining Operations (DCSOM) in Senegal, the NCEA delivered an independent advice on a rehabilitation plan for the abandoned sand quarry of Kamb Souf in the Diourbel region.