January 2021

Assessment animatie

12 January 2021

Assessment video now online

With great pleasure we present a new animation on the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment process, as part of a series of six.

December 2020

Egypt - City of Aswan and the Nile river

14 December 2020

New MoU Egypt - Dutch water sector

Following successful cooperation since 1970s, Egypt and the Netherlands recently signed a new MoU for an ambitious 4-year cooperation programme in the water sector. ESIA improvement is one of topics identified.

November 2020

bafing workshop

30 November 2020

SEA for sustainable development plan Moyen Bafing - Guinée

In the Moyen Bafing region - known for its large population of chimpanzees - a large dam, mines, access routes and railways are being planned. To make sure that all these plans are carried out sustainably, an inter-ministerial commission decided to…

Zambia, Victoria Falls / by Joachim Huber / CC BY-SA 2.0

26 November 2020

Publication: 10 cases of the SRJS programme!

In a new publication, the NCEA together with SRJS presents an overview of ten cases on ESIA and SEA in landscape management, from ten countries across three continents.