December 2021

Beira coastal protection

27 December 2021

Review scoping ESIA coastal protection - Mozambique

The Coastal protection project aims to create a high level of long-term security against coastal flooding, including increased climate resilience for the City of Beira. The proposed activities consist of interventions for four contiguous coastal…


16 December 2021

Coaching SEA for Lake Nokoué - Benin

“We want projects of high quality, and we want processes that are well-managed” the Minister of Living Environment and Sustainable Development, Mr. Tonato said at the launch of Lake Nokoué Improvement Programme.

bangladesh (2)

15 December 2021

Coaching SEA integrated Masterplan - Bangladesh

The NCEA joined a mission to the Chalan Beel which is one of the priority areas under the Bangladesh Deltaplan 2100. This region faces multiple challenges such as uncontrolled floods, droughts and the loss of biodiversity...

enguri dam 5

15 December 2021

Recording online: webinar SEA for sustainable hydropower

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) can help avoid and mitigate the negative impacts of hydropower dam construction and operation. But does SEA deliver on its promises in practice? And what can be improved in the implementation of SEA to ensure…


14 December 2021

Advice review ESIA river rehabilitation - Bhutan

On request by Invest International, we recently reviewed the the ESIA for the a river rehabilitation project in Bhutan. It is a follow up on our earlier advice on the scoping report for this ESIA.

November 2021

gambia mapping

30 November 2021

ESYMAP workshop in the Gambia

Last week we facilitated a very constructive and fruitful ESYMAP workshop in the Gambia,  It was first workshop in the context of the ECOWAS EA-harmonisation programme to gain insight in the similarities and differences of EA legislation amongst…


24 November 2021

WWF Netherlands and the NCEA sign MoU

Today, the NCEA signed a cooperation agreement with WWF Netherlands. This cooperation will be a continuation of the work done together in recent years on environmental assessment for landscape management. 

Central African Republic The Dzanga-Sangha Rainforest Reserves

18 November 2021

New MoU with EA secretariat in Central Africa

On November 17th, the NCEA signed a new MoU with its long-time partner in Central Africa, the Secretariat for Environmental Assessment in Central Africa (SEEAC in French).

October 2021

Thumbnail 2 - EN Review

11 October 2021

New video's in our ESIA process series

T is with great pleasure that we present two new video animations on the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment process, as part of a series of six.