May 2021

JdH-20191029 Commissie MER 046_Foto Jelmer de Haas

18 May 2021

IAIA award best paper for Sibout Nooteboom

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that our colleague Sibout Nooteboom has been awarded the IAIA best paper award 2020 for Environmental assessment as an institution of liberal democracy.


11 May 2021

The NCEA at IAIA21

We are looking forward to participate in the IAIA21 annual 'online' conference, to hear and share new insights on impact assessment in practice. The NCEA will provide presentations or contribute at the following sessions:

Kenya-Meeting_with_Officials_stakeholders II-7270-

10 May 2021

Join the IAIA21 session on Independence in IA

Lack of independence in preparing assessments is a long standing criticism of Impact Assessment. After a first discussion of this topic at IAIA19, it is time for a follow up session at IAIA21.


3 May 2021

New diagnostic tool for ESIA mining sector - Ethiopia

The NCEA recently participated in a workshop - facilitated by IGF and CIRDI - to pilot a new tool to support government officials in Ethiopia to identify gaps in the legal framework for ESIAs for mining projects.

Caragena Colombia

3 May 2021

Advice on guidance for ESIA's for dredging material

Following the exchange between Columbia and the Netherlands in November on reuse of dredged material, the NCEA advised on the ToR for Environmental Impact Studies for maritime dredging projects.

April 2021


20 April 2021

SEA for ambitious vision Niger Valley

According to the Ministry of Environment development is too often project-driven rather than plan-driven. For this reason they started an ambitious process to develop a Vision for the Niger Valley 2052. The national EA-agency asked the NCEA to coach…


12 April 2021

Workshop: Impacts of pandemic for EA agencies - UEMOA

'What are the impacts of the pandemic?' was the subject of the first workshop UEMOA and the NCEA organised as part of their capacity development programme. In a lively exchange, all 8 EA agencies and invited experts shared their experiences. In the…

March 2021

Jordan Landscape

23 March 2021

SEA regulation on its way - Jordan

In a series of online worksessions, the NCEA reflected with Ministry staff on what SEA is, and what SEA experience already exists in Jordan. We then explored the different choices that need to be made to tailor SEA requirements to the country…