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Because of our expertise, independence and transparency. For more than 25 years, we have provided advisory services and capacity development for environmental assessment.

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Beira coastal protection

27 December 2021

Review scoping ESIA coastal protection - Mozambique

The Coastal protection project aims to create a high level of long-term security against coastal flooding, including increased climate resilience for the City of Beira. The proposed activities consist of interventions for four contiguous coastal stretches, for which an ESIA is carried out. Invest International, a Dutch government facility funding t

Lurio River - Mozambique

27 December 2021

Scoping ESIA's Water4Nampula project misses essential information - Mozambique

The Water4Nampula project involves the rehabilitation and expansion of water supply to 4 towns in Nampula province. For each of these towns an ESIA will be carried out. Invest International, a Dutch government facility financing the feasibility and environmental studies, asked the NCEA to review the scoping reports for the ESIAs.


16 December 2021

Coaching SEA for Lake Nokoué - Benin

“We want projects of high quality, and we want processes that are well-managed” the Minister of Living Environment and Sustainable Development, Mr. Tonato said at the launch of Lake Nokoué Improvement Programme.

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