401-i. Comments: EIA review reports on oil and gas - Cameroon & Uganda

The NCEA provides long-term technical assistance to SEEAC, the Secretariat for Environmental Assessment in Central Africa. SEEAC aims to promote the use and enhance the impact of the EIA tool in the region. For the 'EIA-Tool Impact Enhancement Project' SEEAC received funding from IUCN NL, to promote use of EIA in the extractive industries sectors in Uganda and Cameroon, together with the EIA authorities and the national associations for impact assessment in those countries. The NCEA was requested to attend two consultative workshops as technical observer. Additionally, the NCEA checked the quality of the reviews that were done by the national teams.

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29 sept 2014: Memorandum

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Secrétaire technique: Gwen van Boven

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Pays: Cameroon; Uganda

Mise à jour: 02 avr 2019