25 April 2018

NCEA's Views and Experiences 2018, out now!

Cover views and experiences foto kleinIt is with great pleasure that we present the newest edition of our views and experiences series. A compilation of recent cases and experiences, (inter)views and infographics in connection with our work in the Netherlands and abroad. In the 2018 edition we pay attention to energy transition, landscape approach, independent quality control, ESIA mapping, port development and an interview with Prof. dr. Rudy Rabbinge on his time as vice-chair with the NCEA. We wish you pleasant reading!

25 April 2018

Ethiopia: How to make ESIA effective in practice?

amharaHow to make ESIA effective in practice? In the coming year, that will be the focal point in our cooperation with Amhara Regional State. A recently held 3-day needs assessment with regional, zonal and municipal-level environmental protection staff revealed a large gap between theory and practice. On paper the ESIA system is quite well developed, in practice the procedure is hardly followed. With tailor-made and practical hands-on training we are looking forward to support more effective ESIA implementation.



25 April 2018

The NCEA at IAIA18, Durban

2015-04-21 14.19.20_resizedThe NCEA staff is looking forward to join old and new impact professionals at the IAIA 2018 conference in Durban (16-19 May). We will present and/or chair sessions  on Climate Change, EA system approach, diagnostic tools, (regional) land use plannig and SDG's. In addition, we will be present with a booth in the expo hall. We welcome you to stop by for information, a chat or to pick up a copy of our new publication Views and Experiences 2018. Hope to see you in Durban!

12 April 2018

SEA for a land use plan of the Sourou in Mali


sourouThe Sourou is a landscape in Mali that revolves around the Sourou river. It has to deal with problems like unemployment, low productiveness, terrorism and increasing conflict over land. Local government started with the development of a land-use plan for this area, supported by the Dutch embassy. In order to assess the environmental and social impacts of the plan and to compare alternatives and facilitate participation, the steering committee of the plan would like to carry out an SEA. The NCEA provided a 2-day training on the implementation of this SEA. This was a follow-up workshop of a previous workshop held in November 2017. 

12 April 2018

ESIA for Fomi-dam in Guinea

kaartje niger damThe Ministry for Environment of Guinea has asked the NCEA’s independent advice on the ESIA for the Fomi Dam in the Niger river. The Fomi Dam is expected to enable irrigation, generate electricity and increase river navigability. However, there are also risks involved of downstream adverse impacts and impacts in the reservoir area. The (mandatory) ESIA is highly suitable for balancing all issues at stake, facilitating participation and guiding a transparent process. The NCEA's advice concerns the scoping phase of the ESIA. 

06 April 2018

Utilising SEA in realising energy transitions

320px-Cleaning_solar_panelApril 6, 2018: In the context of the Tanzania Dutch Energy Capacity Building (TDECB) programme, Bobbi Schijf (NCEA) presented Dutch experiences with ESIA and SEA for Energy planning and utilising SEA in realising energy transitions. This topic is also addressed in our new Views and Experiences publication (2018 edition).