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environmental assessment

Why the NCEA?

Because of our expertise, independence and transparency. For more than 25 years, we have provided advisory services and capacity development for environmental assessment.

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Myanmar OfD - SEA Workshop okt 2019

4 November 2019

SEA for off shore oil and gas - Myanmar

He Ministry of Energy plans to start with an SEA for off shore oil and gas development. In preparation for this, the NCEA recently facilitated an SEA introduction workshop.

ethiopie iifc performance standards

28 October 2019

Training on IFC standards for Floriculture - Ethiopia

Dutch flower farmers, the Ethiopian government and the Dutch Embassy are looking into investments in large-scale floriculture near Lake Tana in Amhara. The starting point is that the investments should be sustainable.

foto training paragua

21 October 2019

SEA for infrastructure works - Paraguay

Instead of assessing a series of separate project EIAs for infrastructure works between Brasil, Paraguay and Chili, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications wants to explore strategic assessment for the whole area.