January 2020

zambia solewezi

14 January 2020

Recommendations scoping ESIA Water Supply Project - Zambia

Although good efforts have been undertaken to develop the scoping report, it still falls short in outlining a clear process to guide the ESIA and stakeholder engagement. Also more information on alternative water sources is needd to justify a final…


6 January 2020

Best wishes for 2020!

We wish your a very good and inspirational 2020! We look forward working with familiar friends and new partners, all with a common goal: a more social and environmentally healthy world!

November 2019

drr team brazil

29 November 2019

The NCEA travels with DRR team to Brazil

Brasilia - The NCEA travelled with a Dutch Risk Reduction team to Brazil. The DRR team supports the Ministry of Mines with advice on tailing dams in the mining industry in the state of Minas Gerais. This request for support was the direct result of…

sea introduction workshop philippines

27 November 2019

SEA introduction workshop - The Philippines

In Talisay Luzon, government agencies and CSOs participated in a 3-day SEA introduction workshop. The workshop - part of the SRJS Programme of IUCN NL - was facilitated by Rob Verheem of the NCEA. It is the second workshop of its kind, following the…

mali MoU nov 2019 2

26 November 2019

Signing of a Multi Annual collaboration with Mali

It is with great pleasure that we announce the signing of a collaboration protocol (2019 - 2022) with the Malian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Activities will cover both the strengthening of ESIA as well as SEA.

rob philiipijnen ambassade nov. 2019

26 November 2019

SEA result presentation - Zamboanga del Norte, the Philippines

The Dutch Embassy hosted on November 25 the official results presentation of the SEA for land use planning in District 1 of Zamboanga del Norte. This voluntary SEA is an initiative of both province and municipalities of the District, and is…

Tunesia - by Balu

25 November 2019

Capacity development activities - Tunisia

During a recent visit to Tunis, the NCEA, the Tunisian Ministry of Environment and the National Environmental Protection Agency discussed the possibilities of a capacity development programme.

guyana review workshop november 2019

18 November 2019

ESIA review workshop - Guyana

The Environmental Protection Agency is expecting more ESIAs in the coming years in the oil sector because of the recent discovery of large quantities of oil. They requested the NCEA to support them with the strengthening of their ESIA review…

workshop suriname

18 November 2019

ESIA guidelines for oil & gas in Surinam

In order to be effective, ESIA guidelines for a specific sector should be tailor made for a country's context. Therefore NIMOS, the environmental authority in Suriname, requested the NCEA to assist them with the preparation of ESIA guidelines for…

Lake Kivu - by Sonja Ooms

15 November 2019

Follow-up: ESIA Lake Kivu Transport updated

After the NCEA's review earlier this year, the ESIA for the Lake Kivu transport project has been updated. The expert group that performed the review, also analysed the updated report to see to what extent the recommendations had been implemented.

Myanmar OfD - SEA Workshop okt 2019

4 November 2019

SEA for off shore oil and gas - Myanmar

He Ministry of Energy plans to start with an SEA for off shore oil and gas development. In preparation for this, the NCEA recently facilitated an SEA introduction workshop.

October 2019

ethiopie iifc performance standards

28 October 2019

Training on IFC standards for Floriculture - Ethiopia

Dutch flower farmers, the Ethiopian government and the Dutch Embassy are looking into investments in large-scale floriculture near Lake Tana in Amhara. The starting point is that the investments should be sustainable.

foto training paragua

21 October 2019

SEA for infrastructure works - Paraguay

Instead of assessing a series of separate project EIAs for infrastructure works between Brasil, Paraguay and Chili, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications wants to explore strategic assessment for the whole area.

Mapping sessie

14 October 2019

Strengths and weaknesses - Guinea ESIA system

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Guinea's ESIA system? What to improve? As a first step the NCEA in cooperation with BGEEE, the EA agency in Guinea carried out an ESY-MAPPING.

anouk en paula 3

1 October 2019

New colleagues!

It it with great pleasure that we welcome two new colleagues to our international team, Ms Anouk Werenstijn - project secretary and Ms Paula Dobbelaar - technical secretary. Read more....