November 2019

Myanmar OfD - SEA Workshop okt 2019

4 November 2019

SEA for off shore oil and gas - Myanmar

He Ministry of Energy plans to start with an SEA for off shore oil and gas development. In preparation for this, the NCEA recently facilitated an SEA introduction workshop.

October 2019

ethiopie iifc performance standards

28 October 2019

Training on IFC standards for Floriculture - Ethiopia

Dutch flower farmers, the Ethiopian government and the Dutch Embassy are looking into investments in large-scale floriculture near Lake Tana in Amhara. The starting point is that the investments should be sustainable.

foto training paragua

21 October 2019

SEA for infrastructure works - Paraguay

Instead of assessing a series of separate project EIAs for infrastructure works between Brasil, Paraguay and Chili, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications wants to explore strategic assessment for the whole area.

Mapping sessie

14 October 2019

Strengths and weaknesses - Guinea ESIA system

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Guinea's ESIA system? What to improve? As a first step the NCEA in cooperation with BGEEE, the EA agency in Guinea carried out an ESY-MAPPING.

anouk en paula 3

1 October 2019

New colleagues!

It it with great pleasure that we welcome two new colleagues to our international team, Ms Anouk Werenstijn - project secretary and Ms Paula Dobbelaar - technical secretary. Read more....

September 2019

4-35 Kinigi - view on Musanze

25 September 2019

Manual Catchment Plan & SEA development - Rwanda

As part of the IWRM Programme led by the Government of Rwanda and funded by the Netherlands, a manual is produced for the development of Catchment Plans integrated with SEA.

guinea sea workshop

25 September 2019

SEA implementation in Guinea

SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) is not yet legislated in Guinea. However, there is a growing interest to start with SEA practice, specifically for the expected Coastal Development Plan.

sour evaluatie bijeenkomst 19 september

23 September 2019

A step towards more stability in cental Mali

The signing of the environmental permit in June and thereby approving the SEA for the development plan of the Sourou region, marked an important step in decentralised planning . This was concluded at a recent evaluation meeting attended by the NCEA.

niger field visit EA training

16 September 2019

The importance of screening and scoping - Niger

"Good preparation during the screening and scoping phases, will lead to better consideration of environmental issues in the final project.” This was one of the main lessons participants took home after a training on the ESIA procedure in Niger.