13 March 2018

SEA: added value for Pantanal-Chaco region

zoom voor  nieuwsberichtHow can SEA be an added value for spatial planning and water infrastructure in the Pantanal-Chaco region? That was the objective of two workshops the NCEA recently organised as part of the Shared Resources Joint Solutions programme (WWF/IUCN) in Paraguay. One was specifically directed at spatial planning, and the other at water infrastructure. Representatives of municipalities, ministries, NGOs and CSOs practiced with real cases to better understand the concept and value of SEA for this diverse and sensitive area bordering Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. As co-trainer, the NCEA had invited Luis Fernando Terceros from Bolivia, with whom the NCEA had worked closely in the past regarding SEA in Bolivia, thus offering an excellent opportunity for ‘south-south exchange’ of experience.

12 March 2018

ESIA review for tourism projects, Zanzibar

combi foto newsSince tourism is a leading economic sector in Zanzibar, the Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) requested NCEA for a workshop on ESIA review. Enthusiastic participants from the environmental authorities (Zanzibar and mainland) and local government practiced three days reviewing ESIA cases in the tourism sector, focussing on the conditions translated in the Environmental Certificate. In addition, they started with drafting a review checklist for tourism projects.