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Updated to: 26 September 2013

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SEA background

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History of SEA

SEA has not yet been legally introduced in Mozambique. However, the EIA legislation mentions EIAs for policies, programs and plans that may have significant impacts on the environment. SEA practice has been introduced around 2003 by the SEA on a large costal area  in the Ihambane Province. Also, MICOA is working on a legal text for SEA.

Dalal-Clayton B. & Sadler B, 2004. Strategic Environmental Assessment. A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience. Earthscan, London.

Legal framework for SEA

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Institutional setting for SEA

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SEA procedure

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Establishing context

Implementing the SEA

Informing and influencing decision-making


SEA practice

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Year of first SEA


SEA links

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