732-i. West Africa Capacity Development (WAMER)

In 2009, the NCEA was asked to support WWF’s office for the West African Marine Eco-Region (WAMER) with SEA introduction for its regional oil & gas programme. In 2010, a more structural follow-up was requested and implemented to ensure continuation of SEA introduction in the region.

Détails significatifs

Started: 2009

Completed: 2010

Process and activities

The NCEA conducted the following activities as part of this programme:

  • A regional SEA introduction training in the form of a 3-day workshop in Dakar. Target groups were decision-makers and top-level staff from ministries of the seven countries as well as WWF staff;
  • A national SEA introduction training in The Gambia, with participants from all key ministries and some agencies;
  • Regional in-depth trainings in the form of high-level and technical workshops with more attention to the use of SEA in practice.


The workshops were much appreciated. Participants indicated that they learned, among others, to distinguish between EIA and SEA, to apply different steps of SEA, and to understand the importance of participation and stakeholder involvement.



Intended follow-up for this programme was the coaching of participants in pilot SEAs for four national plans in the region. Due to changing priorities in Dutch development cooperation, however, no further investments were made in this cooperation.

Parties concernées

Membres du groupe de travail

Secrétaire technique: Gwen van Boven

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Pays: Cape Verde; Gambia; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Mauritania; Senegal; Sierra Leone

Mise à jour: 12 avr 2019