7297. Mapping 2018-2019 - Niger

In October 2018, the NCEA conducted a mapping workshop with various Nigerien stakeholders active in  Environmental Assessment (EA). The workshop shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of the EA-system, and provided input for the NCEA's multi-annual programme plan in Niger. 

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Analyse et restitution Cartographie EIE Niger 2018

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At the request of the national Environmental Agency (BNEE), the NCEA visited Niamey from 17 to 21 October 2018 to explore opportunities for future collaboration. The NCEA had a productive mission which included many meetings and a two-day mapping workshop which included input from representatives from all parties in the EA-system: ministries, consultants, NGOs, etc. The mapping workshop shed light on the strengths and weaknesses in the Nigerien EA-system, and thus provided lines of approach for future BNEE-NCEA collaboration.

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George (Gregorius) Cornelus de Gooijer
Karim Samoura, PhD

Secrétaire technique: Stephen Teeuwen, MSc

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Pays: Niger

Mise à jour: 17 janv 2023