7120. Inga Basse Chute and Mid Size Hydropower Development TA Project - DRC

The Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the DSU to advise on the accuracy of information underlying decision-making on a large hydropower project in the DRC. This project is the Inga Basse Chute and Mid Size Hydropower Development Technical Assistance Project, the majority of which will be financed by the World Bank. The DSU's advice, leading to some critical questions which will be taken into account in the project, was used by DGIS as input for the World Bank board meeting in which the project was approved.

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14 mars 2014: Other
Advice WB Inga 3

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The main answers to these questions are that important information is lacking in the provided information and that contributions to sustainable developments have not sufficiently been studied.

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Verona Groverman
Peter Robinson, PhD
Pieter van der Zaag

Le président: Rudy Rabbinge
Secrétaire technique: Reinoud Post

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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Pays: Democratic Republic of Congo

Mise à jour: 15 avr 2019