390-i. Quick Scan (Review) of the Rwanda National Water Resources Master Plan

Upon request of the Director of the Water Resources Department of the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority, a quick scan was conducted of the Rwanda National Water Resources Master Plan (NWRMP) and related documents. The master plan is currently (August 2015) under approval and the quick scan therefore comes too late to influence the plan itself. Also, an SEA has not been conducted as yet. However, any recommendations coming from this review could be addressed in an SEA for the lower level catchment plans which will be developed in the coming months and years, or in a future update of the NWRMP itself.

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04 août 2015: Memorandum
2015-16 NCEA Quick Scan (Review) NWRMP-Rwanda.pdf

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Purpose of the quick scan was to assess whether, from an SEA perspective, environmental and sustainable development concerns are integrated into the NWRMP, and whether it takes into account all relevant water-related services in a consistent way, allowing reliable planning for future catchment level management of water resources. In the case of shortcomings, the consequences for catchment planning are assessed and recommendations are given for actions or supplementary information needed to address these shortcomings. These recommendations can be considered an input for the upcoming SEA for catchment planning.

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Roel Slootweg

Secrétaire technique: Gwen van Boven

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Pays: Rwanda

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