365-i. Report: conference on safe gas extraction from Lake Kivu - Rwanda & DR Congo

A conference was organized to agree on measures for safe and environmentally-friendly gas extraction in Lake Kivu. The NCEA acted as mediator and wrote the conference report.

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Workshop Report May 2009 Final Version 17 June 2009

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The governments of Rwanda and the DRC are exploring how to exploit gas resources in Lake Kivu in a way that is environmentally and economically sound. In 2007, an MoU was signed and an expert working group established to elaborate rules and regulations. In May 2009, a conference was organized with the following objectives:

  • to agree on the need to establish a bilateral authority with regulatory mandate over Lake Kivu, and to agree on a road map towards its establishment;
  • to validate and adopt the management prescriptions document that was prepared by the expert working group.

Following this conference, a report was prepared in which its results are presented. Key outcomes are that the mandatory prescriptions document and an organogram for the bilateral authority were adopted by the conference. Presentations held during the conference can be found here.

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Secrétaire technique: Gwen van Boven

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Pays: Democratic Republic of Congo; Rwanda

Mise à jour: 26 nov 2019