346-i. Comments: draft cv and ToR for urban SEA - DRC

The NCEA provided comments on a draft cv and ToR prepared for the PECA-DRC, which will be responsible for initiating an SEA-like process for Kinshasa.

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30 juil 2008: Other
Memorandum by the NCEA

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The PECA-DRC is an organisation which was established with the objective of initiating an EIA for the armed conficts in DRC. UNEP, however, proposed that the PECA-DRC also initiates a study on the current state of the environment of Kinshasa, combined with identification and selection of projects. This study could be considered an SEA. The PECA-DRC's mandate needs to be enlarged in order to allow it to fulfil this role. Therefore, the PECA-DRC formulated its cv and made a draft ToR and budget for the proposed study. It asked the NCEA to provide comments and suggest improvements for these documents.

The NCEA issued an advice of the secretariat in which it provided general and detailed comments. A general observation was that the time for formulating the ToR is rather short. For the draft cv, the NCEA observed that several aspects were missing. For the proposed ToR, several comments were made, including a.o.:

  • There is no focus on specific plans and programmes - e.g. scope is missing;
  • Commitment of the Congolese government to finance identified programs is presupposed but not yet secured;
  • Agreement between stakeholders is required on the methodology for environmental assessment;
  • SEA may be useful if no existing planning procedures in the DRC can fulfill the request.

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