338-i. Memorandum: monitoring action plan Lake Kivu - Rwanda

In February 2008, the NCEA issued an advice of the secretariat via which it supported the Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure. This support concerned the development of a monitoring strategy and action plan for gas extraction from Lake Kivu.

Détails significatifs

With a methane extraction pilot station at Lake Kivu starting operation, the Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure started developing a Monitoring Strategy and Monitoring Action Plan (MAP). It requested assistance from the NCEA in formulating this MAP, focusing on technical, institutional and financial aspects as well as a timeframe and roles/responsibilities.

The NCEA issued an advice of the secretariat, with input from an expert on lake stratification. In this memorandum, the NCEA investigated the current situation, gave some general points of advice, and advised on the following aspects of monitoring:

  • Objective, current and future potential, and approach for monitoring;
  • Monitoring parameters, frequency and data flow;
  • Institutional structures for licensing, monitoring, inspection and disaster preparedness and response;
  • Advisory short term action strategy to establish capacities;
  • Advisory mid- and long-term strategy and action plan;
  • Budget estimates.


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Alfred Wüest

Secrétaire technique: Reinoud Post

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Pays: Rwanda

Mise à jour: 10 mai 2019