8019. EIA Oil for Development Workshop - Myanmar

The NCEA contributed to a training workshop on EIA in the oil and gas sector in Myanmar. The workshop was held on 23-25 March and targeted government staff, consultants and NGOs. It was organised by the Government of Norway, on request of the Ministry of Environment of Myanmar. The workshop is a step in the process towards sustainable oil and gas exploration and production in offshore fields for which concessions were given last year. EIAs will have to be conducted for these developments. The preparation of an SEA for planning of oil and gas developments is also considered.  

Parties involved

Technical secretary: mr A.J. Kolhoff

Further details

Started: 22 Mar 2015
Completed: 21 Mar 2015


Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Country/region/theme: Myanmar

Last modified: 08 Jul 2016