737-i. Suriname Capacity Development

NIMOS (the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname) has a similar role as the NCEA in the EIA system. It noted in 2009 that the use of EIA information in decision-making in Suriname was often insufficient. Therefore it invited the NCEA to give two workshops on the value and use of EIA and EIA reviews. These workshops were held in March 2010 and were found to be successful.

Significant details

Started: 2009

Completed: 2010

Process and activities

NIMOS requested the NCEA to organize two workshops, which were held in March 2010:

  • A workshop for the NIMOS core team involved in EIA, concentrating on EIA review;
  • A workshop for government officials, discussing a range of EIA cases, to boost their understanding of EIA.

The workshop programmes were developed cooperatively by the NCEA and NIMOS. NIMOS further organized the practical and logistic aspects of the workshop. The NCEA was responsible for presenting relevant cases, for example from the Netherlands. These cases considered EIAs for which decision-making had already been finalized. They were analyzed in order to draw lessons for future decision-making based on EIAs.


The workshops were highly appreciated. Participants indicated that the group work based on EIA cases gave them various relevant insights, varying from general awareness on EIA to procedural details. NIMOS participants appreciated to see the differences between the EIA systems of Suriname and the Netherlands.

Parties involved

Technical secretary: ms B. Schijf

Further details

Started: 02 Dec 2009
Completed: 31 Mar 2010

Country/region/theme: Suriname

Last modified: 10 Jul 2018