7235. Green Climate Fund ESF-related advice

At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the NCEA advises as of March 2016 the Dutch board member (later alternate board member) of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), one of the instruments to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement about climate change. The GCF aims to contribute to climate finance, and to sustainable development goals, in low and middle income countries. The GCF is more than the existing funds aiming at paradigms shifts to achieve climate change goals and sustainable development. Its instruments include its investment criteria, country readiness programmes and Environmental and Social Management System and Policy, including Environmental and Social Safeguards. The Dutch board member has asked NCEA to advise about its position concerning the further development of the instruments by GCF. 

Advisory reports and other documents

22 Nov 2017: Other

NCEA input to 2nd draft GCF ESMS

Significant details

The Netherlands, as part of the Danish / Netherlands / Luxembourg seat in the GCF board, wants to play a constructive role in that ongoing learning and development process. NCEA's independent advice is of practical nature as helpful to determine position whenever the board agenda provides opportunities to influence the process, often reacting to proposals from the GCF secretariat that are available weeks before board meetings.

Parties involved

Technical secretary: mr S.G. Nooteboom

Further details

Started: 15 Sep 2017
Completed: Ongoing

Last modified: 24 Feb 2018