425-i. Process Advice EIA Public Transport West Bank, Palestinian Territories

The Ministry of Transport of the Palestinian Authority (MoT) aims to improve the West Bank public transport system through the upgrade and expansion of the bus fleet and the creation of additional routes with support from the Netherlands Government. Upon request of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (the NCEA) advised about the process of applying Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures to this project. The advise was to first make a participative strategic decision - with a strategic EIA - before elaborating details - with a project EIA.

Advisory reports and other documents

05 Oct 2015: Memorandum

2015-19 Advice EIA Public Transport Westbank

Parties involved

Members of the working group

mr H. van der Spek

Technical secretary: mr S.G. Nooteboom

Further details

Started: 16 Sep 2015
Completed: 05 Oct 2015


22 infrastructure
35 sustainable development
38 traffic/transport planning
39 urban development

Country/region/theme: Palestinian territories

Last modified: 06 Nov 2018