422-i. Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA for the Parakou Drinking Water Improvement project

The Facility for Infrastructure Development (ORIO) requested the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) to perform a quick scan of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) report for a drinking water project in Benin. The aim of this quick review was quality assurance.  

Advisory reports and other documents

27 Feb 2015: Memorandum

2015-05 memo Benin

Significant details

The NCEA observed that some important information was missing in the ESIA.

Parties involved

Technical secretary: mr S.G. Nooteboom

Further details

Started: 06 Jan 2015
Completed: 27 Feb 2015


11 environmental assessment
34 social assessment
41 water & sanitation
42 water management

Country/region/theme: Benin

Last modified: 10 Jul 2015