345-i. Comments: SEA guidance document

The NCEA provided comments on Colombia's draft SEA guidance document.

Significant details

Colombia's Ministry of Housing, Environment and Territorial Development requested the NCEA to provide comments on the preliminary draft of the new SEA guidance document.

The NCEA issued an advice of the secretariat (in Spanish), in which it provided general observations and specific in-text comments. Overall observations included:

  • The document is too elaborate and would be more accessible if reduced by 50%;
  • It is very ambitious and academic, while practitioners may benefit more from a document with a more practical angle;
  • The goal of the document is not clear;
  • The target group is not clear, and if the target group is indeed SEA practitioners, not all content is relevant for them.

Parties involved

Technical secretary: ms I.A. Steinhauer

Further details

Completed: 17 Jan 2008

Country/region/theme: Colombia

Last modified: 10 Jul 2018