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2014 and beyond.

  annual report 2014 voorkant

Dear Madam, Sir,


With great pleasure I herewith present you our interactive digital annual report 2014.


In this annual report you will read and see what the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment did in 2014 through videos (with subtitles), images and narratives.

  annual report 2014 airports

Within the Netherlands, themes range from advice on the content of environmental assessments for shale gas extraction and wind energy production in the province of South Holland to health issues in environmental assessment for airports. Our international activities include independent advice on EIA for a controversial hydropower dam in Benin, SEA for oil and gas extraction in Zanzibar and the work of the Dutch Sustainability Unit.

  annual report 2014 zanzibar

In addition, you will also read how the NCEA operated as an organisation. In 2014 this was influenced by a changing Dutch context in which government authorities now have to pay a fee for our advice. Also, in 2014 the contours of the new Environment and Planning Act became clear and how these will influence Dutch environmental assessment practice. Outside the Netherlands we were happy to see an expansion of our support to environmental assessment for Dutch investments in developing countries under the government’s private sector development funds. 

We would highly appreciate to receive any questions or comments you might have on this annual report and are looking forward to receive these either through or by giving us a call on + 31 30 234 7660.


Yours faithfully,


dr. Kees Linse

Chairman of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment






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