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NCEA newsletter - January 2019


  • Prof. Klaas Jan Beek (1935-2019)
  • Fomi Dam Guinea: transboundary effects - Guinea
  • More stakeholder participation in ESIAs for water supply projects - Kenya
  • Leadership in Impact Assessment - United Kingdom
  • Visit of President Gehdu of Amhara State - Ethiopia
  • Environmental Assessment Agency towards independence - Burkina Faso



Prof. Klaas Jan Beek (1935-2019)

It saddens us deeply to learn that our beloved and passionate former Chairman for Development Cooperation - Prof. Klaas Jan Beek - has passed away January 13th. His personality and views still resonate in the work we do today.

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Fomi Dam Guinea: transboundary effects - Guinea

For a number of years, Guinea has plans to develop a large multi-purpose dam in the upper Niger river, the Fomi Dam. Irrigation, electricity and fisheries are some of the objectives. The Guinea government requested the NCEA to advise on the draft ESIA scoping report. One of our main recommendations is that it is essential to elaborate a  detailed procedure with the Niger Basin Authority, in which the roles and responsibilities of the countries /authorities involved will be clear and agreed upon. Early cooperation, transparency and stakeholder participation prevent conflict in a later stage. The advisory report is available in English and French.

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More stakeholder participation in ESIAs for water supply projects - Kenya

As part of the Develop2Build facility, the NCEA recently reviewed the ESIA reports for three water supply projects in Kenya. Despite their differences, the NCEA also observed similar points of attention that needs to be addressed in the final ESIAs. For example, all three ESIA processes should pay more attention to stakeholder engagement. It not only is a legal requirement, it also creates more support for the project and understanding of the impacts. 

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  algemene nietszeggende achtergrond

Leadership in Impact Assessment

On Monday 21 January the University of Liverpool with the UK IAIA branch organised an international symposium on ‘Leadership in Impact Assessment’. Participants - from public and private sector - heard about different types of leadership from a range of international experts. Rob Verheem was invited to speak about the NCEA’s role in providing IA leadership in The Netherlands. 


Visit of President Gehdu of Amhara State, Ethiopia

Utrecht, 23 January 2019 - We were honored with the visit of President Gehdu of Amhara Regional State, together with agricultural attaché Niek Bosmans of the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia. Environmental concerns, among other things, are at the basis of societal unrest and political debate in Ethiopia. How could environmental assessment help avoid unsustainable investments and planning? A fruitful discussion followed and may lead to follow up action in Amhara in the near future.

  7278 - BUNEE GdG en Karim

Environmental Assessment Agency Burkina Faso towards independence

Ouagadougou, December 2018. How to become a more independently operating environmental assessment agency? This was the topic of a recent workshop organised by the NCEA for staff of BUNEE (the environmental assessment agency) and the Worldbank. BUNEE decided upon a set of objectives and a corresponding work plan, which will guide them in the years to come.