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Newsletter nr. 17, May 2016

  april 2016 - benin

Review of ESIA for deep sea port, Benin

The NCEA reviewed the ESIA for the Sèmè-Podji deep sea port in Benin. It concludes that the ESIA meets international standards and Beninese requirements. However, the NCEA also notes some shortcomings. If these are repaired, the ESIA will be a sound basis for decision making on an environmental license.

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  may 2016 - bagan

Review of ESIA for Bagan project, Myanmar

The preliminary ESIA for the Bagan multi-purpose beautification project has been reviewed by the NCEA. According to the NCEA, the ESIA gives insufficient information for decision making about the project. Possible alternatives and their impacts still need to be elaborated and compared. These shortcomings can be remedied in a final ESIA study.

  may 2016 - cuba

Training on SEA and ESIA in Cuba

The NCEA supports the Norwegian Environmental Agency in facilitating a training on SEA and ESIA in Cuba (May 31-June 3). The training focuses on skills for reviewing SEA and ESIA, specifically for oil and gas exploration and production. Participants include representatives from various oil and gas related organisations and the Ministry of Environment.


SEA event at European Ministerial Conference

During the 8th Ministerial Conference ‘Environment for Europe’, to be held in Georgia on June 9th, the NCEA and other parties organise a side event on the role of SEA in greening economies. Other organisers are UNECE, the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment, and the Georgian Environmental Ministry.

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New publication on accreditation for ESIA

How to design an accreditation system for environmental and social impact assessment? A new NCEA publication on this topic gives examples of accreditation mechanisms for E(S)IA, and sets out issues for consideration. It also presents guidance on how to design and manage an accreditation system.

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NCEA annual report 2015

The annual report 2015 of the NCEA is now online! Click the link below to find an overview of our activities in the past year (both in the Netherlands and abroad). The annual report is currently only available in Dutch, but an English version will soon be available.

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