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February 2023

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  • Workshop on framework SEA for oil & gas - Senegal
  • MoU with Ministry - South Sudan
  • ESIA and SEA to a higher level in ECOWAS region
  • Dutch Minister visits Niger
  • A new colleague
  • Goodbye Bobbi Schijf


  senegal sea transboundary presentation feb 2023

Workshop on framework SEA for oil & gas - Senegal

February 20th - Why are transboundary effects important to take into account? This was the central question of NCEA's presentation during the recent workshop regarding the SEA for the Oil and Gas Policy in Senegal.
Organised by the SEA Steering Committee, participants from national institutions discussed the draft legal and institutional framework. 

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  south sudan foto MoU

MoU with Ministry - South Sudan

February 12th - Invited by the Dutch Embassy, we visited South Sudan to explore opportunities to support governmental institutions with the introduction of ESIA. Since South Sudan is a relatively young country, its ESIA system is not legally established yet. The people we met were very enthusiastic and eager to build a robust ESIA system, which will contribute to sustainable investments and development.

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ESIA and SEA to a higher level in ECOWAS region

February 6th - The member states of ECOWAS recently discussed and validated the Regional Regulation on Harmonising Environmental and Social Assessment. The Regulation includes two major developments:

  • In addition to national ESIAs, the Regulation makes a regional ESIA mandatory for projects covering multiple countries. This is unique, because nowhere in the world, regional ESIAs are mandatory yet. 
  • Secondly,...

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  niger beozek minister

Dutch Minister visits Niger

Februrary 6th - Due to population growth and climate change, water and land are under pressure in Niger. Dutch Minister Schreinemacher of International Cooperation and Trade, visited Niger and met with Environment Minister Garama Saratou. Ms Schreinemacher pledged to contribute with Dutch knowledge to finding solutions for current challenges. 

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  arthur neher

New colleague

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Arthur Neher as a Technical Secretary to the NCEA. Arthur studied physical geography in the 1980s and started his career as a GIS consultant. Meanwhile, he has over more than 30 years experience in various short- and long term positions for the UN, consultancy firms, NGOs, and the private sector in Europe, Africa, (SE) Asia and the Pacific. 

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  farewell bobbi

Goodbye Bobbi Schijf

It is with a mixture of sadness and gratitude, that we say goodbye to our colleague Bobbi Schijf, who worked for more than 16 years for the NCEA. Bobbi is going to pursue an interesting new opportunity as an ESIA / SEA advisor at the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, specifically concerning wind-at-sea projects and the national energy transition policy.

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