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Newsletter nr. 23, June 2017


Rudy Rabbinge receives Rachel Carson Award

We congratulate our chairman Professor Rudy Rabbinge for receiving the Rachel Carson Lifetime Achievement Award 2017! The jury explained that his vision and work have a great impact on people and environment worldwide, and have great potential to help respond to agricultural challenges in the future.

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  December 2016 - DSU hydropower

Better decision-making about large dams

How to assess the contribution of big hydropower dams to sustainable development? And how to make decisions on whether or not to fund the development of such dams? At the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the NCEA advised on options for donors to improve such decision-making processes.

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  June 2017 - Zambia

Strengthening Zambia’s ESIA and SEA system

Zambia wants to strengthen its ESIA/SEA system. But how? WWF Zambia and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency asked the NCEA to help identify needs and ways forward. During an exploratory mission, recommendations were formulated and are considered for financing by the SRJS programme.

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  Mei 2017 - mining case

New NCEA case: ESIA/SEA for mining

Mining can have serious effects on nature and people. Since the mining boom in the first decade of this century, especially low and middle income countries have felt these consequences. How can ESIA and SEA enhance positive and reduce negative effects of mining? Read about it in our new Case description.

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  June 2017 - PAANEEAC

Article: capacity development success factors

How can capacity for ESIA in developing countries be increased, and contribute to governance of investment decisions? Past research shows that ‘donor-induced’ capacity development often does not work. A new article, co-authored by NCEA staff, explores the question with the PAANEEAC programme in mind.

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