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Newsletter nr. 12, May 2015

  march 2015 - waemu small

Exploring opportunities for cooperation between WAEMU and NCEA

The NCEA and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) are exploring opportunities for collaboration. WAEMU carries out a programme for harmonisation of EIA systems in its member countries. The NCEA could contribute to this programme with its expertise in analysis and development of EIA systems. During an NCEA visit in Ouagadougou (2-4 March 2015), both parties signed an aide-memoire to mark the start of this cooperation.

  April - aide-memoire Benin

Multi-annual cooperation with EIA agency Benin

On March 20, 2015, the NCEA and the EIA agency of Benin (ABE) signed an aide-mémoire. This is the first step towards a three-year cooperation programme to reinforce the EIA system of Benin. One of the first activities will be the development of a ten-year strategic plan. This more structured and formalised cooperation follows a number of ad-hoc support activities of the NCEA in Benin. These included cooperation on EIA in the oil/gas and hydropower sectors and advice on the environmental assessment decree that is currently under review by the council of ministers.

  april 2015 - office du niger

Supporting the SEA for an irrigation plan in Mali

The NCEA is supporting parties involved in an SEA for a plan to increase the irrigation area northeast of Ségou in Mali. In 2014, the NCEA advised the Ministry of Rural development (responsible for the irrigation plan) on the scope of the SEA. Currently, arrangements are being made between this Ministry and others, such as the Ministry of Environment (responsible for the SEA). The NCEA supports these parties in jointly assessing sustainable alternatives to extension of current irrigation practices. This is urgent, because higher water extraction upstream in the Niger river affects downstream water users in Mali, Nigeria and Niger.

  april 2015 - workshop myanmar

Workshop on EIA for oil and gas in Myanmar

The NCEA contributed to a workshop on EIA in the oil and gas sector in Myanmar. The workshop was held on 23-25 March and targeted government staff, consultants and NGOs. It was organised by the Government of Norway, on request of the Ministry of Environment of Myanmar. This workshop contributes to a more sustainable oil and gas exploration and production in offshore fields for which concessions were given last year. EIAs will have to be conducted for these developments. The preparation of an SEA for planning of oil and gas developments is also considered.

  march 2015 - uganda nema2

Improving EIA regulations and drafting SEA regulations in Uganda

The NCEA supports the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in Uganda in updating its EIA and Audits regulations. It participated in a multi-stakeholder workshop and a NEMA team discussion in March. From 25 April to 2 May, the NCEA visited Uganda to support the update of its EIA regulations and the drafting of SEA regulations. The work on the EIA regulations focused on the schedules specifying which projects require mandatory EIA and which projects require so-called project briefs. Participants included officials from NEMA, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Energy, and local government.

  may 2015 - v&e

New publication: Views & Experiences 2015

The NCEA published its new triennial 'Views & Experiences' publication. In this publication, it presents its views and lessons learnt on various themes through its work in the Netherlands and in the international field. The articles cover various topics and their relations to environmental assessment: shale gas, climate change, EIA systems funding, airport planning, nature compensation, wind energy, learning by doing, the PAANEEAC programme, and spatial planning. The publication can be accessed via the link below, or a hardcopy can be requested via

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NCEA contributions at IAIA conference

A number of NCEA staff members attended the 'IAIA15' conference and contributed through presentations, chairing of sessions, and an information booth. The conference was held from 20 to 23 April in Florence and its theme was 'Impact Assessment in the Digital Era'. Contributions from the NCEA concerned various themes related to environmental assessment: the landscape approach, distant learning, climate change, capacity development, effectiveness, the EA system approach, and public participation. At the conference, the NCEA also presented its new publication 'Views & Experiences 2015' (see above).

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