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NCEA newsletter - September 2019

  • SEA implementation - Guinea
  • Improving ESIA in the water sector – Egypt
  • Harmonisation EA systems - West Africa
  • The importance of screening and scoping - Niger
  • SEA & the Masterplan Manila Bay - The Philippines
  • Manual Catchment Plan & SEA development - Rwanda
  • Case: ESIA and SEA for responsible mining
  guinea sea workshop

SEA implementation in Guinea

Conakry, 23 - 25 September - Strategic Environmental Assessment is not yet legislated in Guinea. However, there is a growing interest to start with SEA practice, specifically for the expected Coastal Development Plan. Hence, the Ministry of Environment, the NCEA and UNDP organised a workshop to increase knowledge of SEA good practice. This workshop also offered a unique opportunity to representatives of 8 ministries to interact and discuss relevant topics. 

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  Egypt - City of Aswan and the Nile river

Improving ESIA in the water sector in Egypt

Cairo, 9-13 September - The Egyptian government wants to improve their ESIA practice and start with the orientation on SEA, especially in the water sector. For that reason, and following up on the recent Egyptian-Dutch High Level Panel on Water Management in The Hague, the NCEA visited Cairo. A possible cooperation was met with much enthusiasm and elicited even more ideas. The intention is to formalise the cooperation by the end of this year.

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Harmonising EA systems in West Africa

Cotonou, 9 September - At the SIFEE conference, UEMOA (the Economic and Monetary Union of West-Africa), its member states and the NCEA discussed the progress of the harmonisation process of the EA systems. The UEMOA is the coordinator of this process and the NCEA serves as its strategic partner. This meeting was much welcomed and appreciated. The 5 directors of the national EA agencies present endorsed an accelerated joint effort in the harmonisation process. 

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  niger field visit EA training

New ESIA legislation in Niger

Niamey, 3-5 September - "Good preparation during the screening and scoping phases, will lead to better consideration of environmental issues in the final project.” This was one of the main lessons participants took home after a training course that focused on the ESIA procedure in Niger. The Niger Environmental Assessment Bureau, supported by the NCEA, organised the training course on the occasion of the new ESIA legislation which was introduced earlier this year. (see the legislation in French under 'more information)  

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SEA & Manila Bay Masterplan

Manila, 30 August - The Dutch government supports the Philippine government with the development of a Sustainable Development Masterplan for Manila Bay. The NCEA advised the lead planning agency on the application of SEA to this masterplan. In our latest advice (see more information), we recommend to apply SEA to the planning processes that are needed to achieve the objectives of the Masterplan, on topics such as relocation, reclamation and sanitation. 

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  5-46 Sebaya minihydropower - kopie

Manual: Catchment Plan & SEA Development

Publication: As part of the IWRM Programme led by the Government of Rwanda and funded by the Netherlands, a manual is produced for the development of Catchment Plans integrated with SEA. This manual is specifically intended for:

  • the people involved in the development of the catchment plan and SEA;
  • decision makers involved in the plan development process;
  • stakeholders who will be or would like to be informed during the process.

For more information on the IWRM programme and NCEA's role as coach, please visit our website. 

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  Indonesia Tin mine

Case: ESIA and SEA for Responsible Mining

Publication: How can ESIA and SEA enhance the mining sector’s contribution to sustainable development? In which way can negative consequences be reduced or avoided? And what are the benefits  for companies and governments? These and other questions are tackled in our new Views & Experiences case on the mining sector. In almost all countries ESIA is regulated by law and the implementation of SEA is growing fast. So, the question is not whether an ESIA /SEA should be carried out, but how it could be advantageous. For people, for planet and for profit. 

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