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Newsletter nr. 11, February 2015

  eia mapping video

New video: Introducing EIA mapping

We just completed a short video on EIA mapping. A tool we have developed to assess the state of a national EIA system. In the video the tool is explained, how it works, what you can do with the results and how it is executed. 

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  Newsletter Feb 2015 at work

Workshop on the quality of EIA reports, Burundi

It turned out to be an eye-opener for EIA consultants in Burundi: a workshop to jointly discuss the quality of their EIA reports. This workshop, the first of its kind, was organised by the national EIA association ABEIE and moderated by the NCEA. Several issues, such as structure, content, presentation, and the application of directives were indicated as in need for improvement. All participants agreed that one learns a lot from exchange and evaluation of one’s own work. To be repeated!


SEA awareness raising workshop in Zanzibar

As part of our two-year cooperation programme on EIA and SEA implementation, the NCEA organised in the beginning of february an SEA awareness raising workshop in Zanzibar. It focused on expected developments in the oil and gas sector and was directed at decision makers, top level staff of ministries, academics, the private sector and NGOs. Furthermore, the NCEA trained technical staff in preparing SEAs, coordinating their execution and managing the overall process. All presentations and background materials are compiled in a workshop report.

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  januari 2015 - world bank safeguards_zoom

DSU briefing paper on the World Bank’s new Environmental and Social Framework

The World Bank is revising its approach to safeguards. It is moving towards increased borrower ownership and a better balance between assessment and implementation of projects. The Bank’s draft Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) has ignited a worldwide debate on the pros and cons of this approach. 

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) asked the NCEA’s Dutch Sustainability Unit to prepare a briefing paper on the ESF, to inform the MFA position in this debate.

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  Feb 2015 myanmar bagan project

Publication: NCEA advisory report on ToR of Bagan river multi-purpose project, Myanmar

In the framework of the cooperation between the governments of Myanmar and the Netherlands, the NCEA advised on the ToR for the EIA of the Bagan river multi-purpose project (see NCEA newsletter of December 2014). The NCEA advisory report for the Ministry of Transport of Myanmar has now been published and can be accessed via our website.

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