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Newsletter nr. 6, December 2013


We wish you a happy new year!

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne annee!

Les deseamos feliz año nuevo!

Desejamos um próspero ano novo!

  paaneeac boek in frans evaluation klein

Finalisation capacity development programme EIA associations Central Africa

After 6 years, a fruitful collaboration between Central African associations for EIA professionals, the regional umbrella organisation SEEAC and the NCEA comes to an end. To celebrate this milestone, a book, developed and written by SEEAC and the NCEA in a joint effort, has been published entitled ‘Evolution of Systems of Environmental Impact Assessment in Central Africa– the Role of National Associations of Professionals’. 

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  russia yamal kaartje

SEA for territorial planning in Yamal-Nenets, Russia

The NCEA is involved in the preliminary discussions of a joint Russian – Dutch initiative to undertake an SEA for the Territorial Plan of Yamal-Nenets autonomous area in northern Siberia. This initiative was recently discussed during a trade mission between the Russian Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Mr. Donskoi and the Dutch Minister for International Trade and Cooperation, Ms Ploumen. Following the trade mission, the NCEA presented several cases in a two day SEA workshop in Moscow, specifically directed at the oil and gas sector. 

  west africa restitutie workshop 2013

Results of the EIA mapping workshops in West African countries

Conakry, 5-6 December 2013. The West African Association of Environmental Assessment (WAAEA) organised a regional workshop to discuss strengths and weaknesses of EIA systems in Benin, Guinée, Mali, Niger and Togo. In 2011, these EIA systems have been analysed, supported by the EIA mapping method developed by the NCEA. A general conclusion was that although the EIA systems may be largely in place and functioning, a lot still needs to be improved before the systems are used to their full potential. In the coming months possibilities are explored by the WAAEA to develop a capacity development programme similar to the one in Central Africa. A key sheet on EIA mapping will be available in January 2014.


NCEA at South Asian conference on Impact Assessmennt

Islamabad, 2-5 December 2013. The NCEA contributed to the South Asian Environmental Assessment Conference on Impact Assessment. Approximately 300 delegates from South Asian countries as well as Canada, Cambodia, United Kingdom, and China came together to exchange experiences. The NCEA provided, among others, a pre-conference training workshop on EIA review. At the conference closing Mr. Zahid Hamid, Minister for Science and Technology, stated: “This conference has ignited considerable interest on the subject of environmental assessment, and today we are reaffirming our pledge to work more strategically and more responsibly towards shaping our future development.”

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  country profiles scherm

Country profiles updated

The NCEA has a vast database with information on EIA and SEA legal systems and practical experience of several countries – the country profiles. In 2013 a major update of the country profiles was carried out: 28 country profiles were updated;  5 new profiles were added; and 9 profiles were translated into French. Currently a new search matrix is developed, which will make it possible to compare countries on profile content.

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