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Newsletter nr. 27, December 2017


The NCEA wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy 2018!






  November 2017 - Burkina_klein

'ESIA system mapping' in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, the NCEA supports the environmental ministry with an ESIA system analysis. This analysis is done through the NCEA’s ‘ESIA system mapping’ methodology. In a workshop, various actors with a role in the system discuss its strengths and weaknesses. This helps to set priorities for improvement.

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  November 2017 - Guyana Surinam

Workshops in Surinam and Guyana

In the framework of the ‘Shared Resources, Joint Solutions’ programme, the NCEA organised workshops in Surinam and Guyana. The workshops, titled “Making SEA and ESIA work for oil and gas development”, were well attended by representatives of government, private sector and NGOs.

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  December 2017 - Mozambique

Developing the SEA system of Mozambique

Mozambique is developing its SEA system. With support from the NCEA, environmental ministry MITADER drafted Terms of Reference for an SEA core team and for a consultant who will develop SEA guidance. Also, meetings took place with various sector ministries to identify their interest in application of SEA.

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