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Newsletter nr. 10, December 2014


The NCEA wishes you festive holidays and a prosperous new year!

  December 2014 Bagan

Advice on ToR for EIA - Bagan river multi-purpose project, Myanmar

The NCEA advises the Ministry of Transport of Myanmar on the ToR for an EIA for the Bagan river multi-purpose project. This project intends to improve the navigability of the Irrawaddy river, create a reservoir for irrigation, develop hydropower facilities, protect an island with 7000 inhabitants which is vulnerable to flooding, and realise its tourism potential. The NCEA will publish its advisory report early 2015.

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  december 2014 - georgia

SEA capacity development in Georgia

The NCEA will support the Ministry of Environment in Georgia to implement an 18-month SEA introduction programme. This programme is a priority for Georgia and a result from a recently signed association agreement between the EU and Georgia. In this agreement, SEA was identified as a priority for the country, bringing it in line with the European SEA directive.

  December 2014 - NIRAS

NCEA contributions to SEA training for energy sector

With a presentation on the SEA systems approach, the NCEA contributed to an SEA training course in Gothenburg. Participants came from the energy sectors in Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zanzibar. This 3-week course marks the start of a 18-month training programme organised by SIDA, NIRAS and the Centre for Environment and Sustainability in Gothenburg. The programme supports participants to improve the application of SEA in planning processes in their countries.

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Publication on SEA effectiveness in China and the Netherlands

In early December, a new publication was launched in Beijing on the effectiveness of SEA application in both China and the Netherlands. This book is the result of an ongoing exchange of SEA practice between China and the Netherlands in the past three years. The book documents the Chinese experience with SEA for mega region planning, and lessons learnt from 25 years of SEA research and practice in the Netherlands. The publication was presented by Mr Siebe Riedstra (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment) and Mr Cheng Lifeng (Ministry of Environmental Protection of China). It is available both in print and in pdf.

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  december 2014 - china workshop

NCEA contributions to SEA workshop in Beijing

As part of cooperation activities on SEA between China and the Netherlands, the NCEA contributed to a 2-day workshop on SEA for urban planning and water management. The NCEA also invited Mr Pieter Bloemen (Delta Commissioner expert team) to present an innovative SEA approach developed for the Dutch Delta Programme.

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  november 2014 - niap knowledge repository

Knowledge Repository on impact assessment in Pakistan

Between 2009 and 2014, the NCEA was involved as a technical advisor in the National Impact Assessment Programme (NIAP) in Pakistan. Various knowledge products were prepared in the course of the programme. These are now available via an online Knowledge Repository. This database ensures that lessons learnt in the programme remain available for those who work with  impact assessment. The NCEA contributed to several of these products, for example the EIA Handbook for Pakistan.

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