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Dear Madam, Sir,


With great pleasure I hereby present to you our innovative annual report 2015. By scrolling down the 'website', numbers and links will appear which guide you to information regarding our past and current projects, publications and reports.


You will find for example more information on:


  • health in environmental assessment - with a seperate website in Dutch and English;
  • the new Dutch Environmental and Planning Act, for which the NCEA continues to emphasise the importance of an independent and expert review;
  • water quality and climate adaptation, which are both high on the agenda in 2016 as well;
  • examples of our work on improvement of EA legislation in developing countries;
  • advisory reports on good practice EA for Indonesian Tin mining, or on scoping of an ESIA for deep sea port development in Benin;
  • an overview of all our advisory reports (with links to project pages), presentations and publications;
  • and much more….

We hope you enjoy reading our new format Annual Report 2015 and find it useful and informative. We highly appreciate your comments and will answer any questions you may have. You can contact us by email or phone: /+ 31 30 234 7660.


Yours faithfully,


dr. Kees Linse

Chairman of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

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