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Newsletter Nr. 15, March 2016

  feb 2016 - ghana power plant

Review of EIA scoping report for coal fired power plant in Ghana

The NCEA reviewed a scoping report (January 2016) for an EIA that is prepared to support the Ghanaian government’s decision-making on a coal fired power plant. The plant is to be developed by Shenzen Energy (China) and the Ghanaian Volta River Authority. At this stage the Ghanaian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided on the necessary content of the EIA, and the NCEA’s review contributed to this process. The NCEA stressed the importance to review the proposed technology choices 1) in light of Ghana’s energy and climate policies and 2) given the wide availability of cleaner technology to produce electricity.

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  feb 2016 - zanzibar

New regulations and a public participation workshop in Zanzibar

The NCEA visited Zanzibar (15-19 February) to work on finalization of the new E(S)IA regulations and to organise a workshop on public participation (PP) in E(S)IA. Work on the regulations was done with staff from the Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) and the Department of Environment (DoE). The workshop focused on the responsible parties for public participation, including ZEMA/DoE, other government institutes, and E(S)IA consultants. The case of the Amber resort was used to prepare a PP plan, to analyse the quality of PP in this case, and to review the E(S)IA with a focus on PP.

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  dec 2015 - lebanon

Capacity building on environmental assessment in Lebanon

The NCEA supported the Norwegian Environmental Agency in facilitating a training on strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and environmental (and social) impact assessment (ESIA) in Lebanon. The training took place on 8-11 December 2015 and focused on skills for reviewing SEA and E(S)IA, specifically for oil and gas exploration and production. Participants included representatives from various ministries, consultancy firms, and the Lebanese Petroleum Authority. They were trained in understanding which environmental issues are most important to be addressed in E(S)IA/SEA for different stages, such as seismic testing, drilling, construction, and operation. Group exercises shaped around real-life case examples helped participants to practice their skills.

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  jan 2016 - georgia

Presentations at E(S)IA/SEA high-level meeting Georgia

The NCEA delivered two presentations, on SEA for land use plans and SEA for cumulative effects assessment, at a high level round-table in Georgia (11 December 2015). The round-table was organised by Georgia’s Ministry of Environment together with UNECE (in the framework of EaP GREEN) and the NCEA. All relevant ministries were represented. It was held in order to share benefits of application of environmental (and social) impact assessment, E(S)IA, and strategic environmental assessment (SEA), and to support establishment of E(S)IA and SEA systems in Georgia. The meeting is considered an important step towards adoption of the new law for E(S)IA and SEA.

  feb 2016 - mozambique

Visits to Mozambique: E(S)IA decree, SEA process, and new MoU

The NCEA visited Mozambique twice (October 2015 and January 2016). During the first visit, it attended (on request of the Dutch Embassy) the public participation meeting on the new E(S)IA decree to give feedback. It also participated in the first session of the Commission for Guidance and Supervision (CAS) for the lower Zambezi Valley Special Spatial Plan (PEOTT). The NCEA acts as coach for this planning and SEA process. During the second visit, the NCEA and the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER) discussed a possible new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). One of the first activities will be a mapping of the country’s E(S)IA system, including the new E(S)IA regulations.

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