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Newsletter nr. 26, November 2017


New 5-year cooperation with government

We are happy to announce a 5-year continuation of our longstanding cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will continue our advisory work, capacity development and helpdesk services in 'partner countries' of the Netherlands. In addition, we will specifically support ESIA for private sector development and sustainable finance.

  October 2017 Mali

SEA for Sourou development plan, Mali

Resource conflicts are increasing between fishers, farmers and cattle herders of the Sourou area in Mali. How can SEA and development planning help to build a more peaceful future here? Government, companies and NGOs discussed this in a workshop in Mopti in October, facilitated by the NCEA and the Dutch Embassy.

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  November 2017 - Indonesia

Two SEA events in Indonesia

What would help to improve stakeholder participation in SEA: expanding regulatory requirements, or raising awareness on the benefits of participation? Indonesian parties discussed these options in a workshop. In another workshop in Papua, local NGOs and government discussed NGO involvement in upcoming SEAs.

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  October 2017 - SIDA NIRAS

Lectures on SEA for 5 Asian countries

The NCEA gave lectures on SEA for about 30 government officials from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. They were part of the Sida/NIRAS International Training Programme on SEA. For the first four of these countries the training was especially timely, since they are working on SEA introduction.

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  October 2017 - Georgia

ESIA and industrial emissions, Georgia

Since its association agreement with the EU (2014), Georgia is adapting its legislation to meet EU standards. Currently on the agenda is the EU Industrial Emissions Directive. The NCEA advised on how to align this with the previously prepared ESIA legislation. This helps Georgia to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for investors.

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