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Newsletter nr. 18, October 2016

  October 2016 - Georgia

Advice for irrigation ESIA in Georgia

Water availability should be taken as a starting point in the ESIA for an irrigation project in Georgia. This is one of the NCEA's recommendations in its advice on guidelines for the ESIA for rehabilitation of the Zemo-Samgori irrigation system. The advice is expected to be finalised and available online within two weeks.

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  October 2016 - Rwanda

Catchment planning and SEA in Rwanda

An integrated catchment planning and SEA workshop took place in Musanze, Rwanda (4-6 October). The NCEA participated in this workshop, in which Catchment Taskforce members from the districts in four catchments were consulted on potential measures to be taken for IWRM in their catchment.

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  October 2016 - Indonesia

Forum on coastal development in Jakarta

An SEA process is needed for the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development project, and it should take into account developments in the wider area. This is what workshop participants jointly concluded in a recent forum in Jakarta, in which the NCEA gave a presentation on the added value of SEA.

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  October 2016 - Zanzibar

Zanzibar: new ESIA regulations and seminar

The NCEA participated in a consultation round (June) to comment on Zanzibar's new ESIA regulations. In August/September, the NCEA contributed to the seminar 'Making EIA work for Zanzibar'. The event attracted over 100 participants and marked the end of the Zanzibar-NCEA cooperation programme.

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  October 2016 - Milieu

Article: ESIA for Dutch investments abroad

The June edition of the environmental magazine Milieu contains an article (in Dutch) on ESIA for Dutch private sector investments in developing countries. The article also discusses the role and added value of the NCEA. It concludes that a good ESIA contributes to a win-win situation for investor and environment.

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  October 2016 - Annual report

Annual report 2015 (in English)

In 2015, the NCEA issued 27 advisory reports on ESIA and SEA, gave 30 trainings, workshops and presentations, and implemented 13 capacity development programmes and activities. Details and other information on the NCEA's activities in 2015 can be found in our Annual Report 2015, which is now online in English.

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  October 2016 - DSU

DSU highlight: use of biofuels in transport

Requested by the Dutch government, the NCEA's Dutch Sustainability Unit analysed consequences for developing countries of biofuels use for transport in The Netherlands. The analysis influenced the recent government letter to Parliament on implementation of the EU directive on indirect land use change.

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