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Newsletter nr. 24, July 2017

For your information: lower staff capacity during summer holidays

Between July 24th and August 19th, a smaller number of NCEA staff are present at the office. As a result, our response to your requests may not be as quick as it normally is.

  July 2017 - WWF

Partnership WWF-NL and NCEA

The World Wildlife Fund (NL) and the NCEA are now officially partners! Marieke Harteveld, Chief Conservation Officer of WWF-NL, and Director Rob Verheem of the NCEA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (2017-2020). We will cooperate in the framework of the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions programme.

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Review of SESA for river planning Bangladesh

The ADB has initiated a strategic environmental and social assessment for the River Stabilisation Plan in Bangladesh. This SESA is the first of its kind for Bangladesh, and can become an example for future developments. The NCEA has been asked to review the process and report, and recently paid a site visit.

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SEA in new water policy in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's new Water Policy will include provisions for strategic environmental assessment. This was decided after an awareness-raising seminar for policy makers on the importance of SEA for water planning. The seminar was initiated by the Ethiopian Water Ministry and facilitated by the NCEA.

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  June 2017 - Burkina Faso en Mali

SEA for 'landscapes' in Burkina Faso and Mali

How can SEA be applied in a 'landscape approach', to achieve transboundary management by Mali and Burkina Faso of the Sourou river basin? To explore this, a meeting took place between Burkinabe and Malinese authorities, NGOs and the NCEA (in the framework of the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions programme).

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  Juni 2017 - Myanmar 2_zoom

Cartoons on SEA for Delta plan Myanmar

A picture says more than a thousand words. During workshops for the Integrated Ayeyarwady Delta Strategy & SEA process, to which the NCEA also contributed, artists visualised the planning process. This helped participants to understand it and make more meaningful contributions. Cartoon: INK Strategy

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