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Newsletter nr. 8, September 2014



  Financing EIA

New NCEA publication: Financing EIA

The NCEA issued a new publication titled ‘Financing EIA: Funding Governmental Tasks in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Approval’.

Attention to financial arrangements aimed at funding governmental tasks in Environmental (and Social) Impact Assessment (EIA/ESIA) in developing countries is often limited. Yet such arrangements are essential in order to ensure a viable and effective EIA system. The NCEA has therefore identified ‘lessons learnt’ based on its experiences around the world, and presents them in this publication.

The publication is available in English and French.

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  Zanzibar July 2014

EIA and SEA capacity development programme in Zanzibar

The NCEA is working with the Government of Zanzibar in a two year capacity development project on EIA and SEA. In July 2014, an EIA mapping workshop took place in which Zanzibar’s current EIA/SEA system was jointly analysed. Outcomes of this mapping will inform the co-operation activities in the rest of the project. In the coming months, the NCEA will:

  • provide advice on an update of the Zanzibar regulatory framework for EIA;
  • support the streamlining of EIA and other project approvals;
  • conduct a joint EIA review with the Zanzibar Department of Environment.

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NCEA contributions at international francophone EIA conference SIFEE

The NCEA delivered two presentations at an international EIA conference in Brussels from 8th to 10th September. The conference was organised by the francophone environmental assessment knowledge network (Secrétariat International Francophone pour l’Évaluation Environnementale - SIFÉE).

Topics which were discussed include:

  • aspects that contribute to ineffective EIA systems in countries with weak political systems;
  • approaches and tools used by the NCEA in independent advice and capacity building for EIA systems.

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  Cameroon-Uganda September 2014

Reviewing EIA reports from Cameroon and Uganda to improve practice

Following up on a previous workshop in Uganda, Cameroonian and Ugandan EIA experts re-examined in a two day workshop eight EIA reports for oil/gas and mining projects. The results of this examination and the sharing of experiences amongst EIA authorities, experts, and EIA associations from both countries, serve as input for further improvement of their EIA practice. At the request of SEEAC - the association leading this project - both SAEIA and the NCEA provided quality assurance support.

  Burundi 08-14

Screening and public participation in ESIA legal framework of Burundi

Burundi is currently revising its legal framework for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). As part of a series of workshops that started in April this year, the NCEA facilitated a session in August with senior officials from the Environmental Ministry (MEEATU). Activities at the workshop were:

  • development of a screening form;
  • updating the lists of projects for which ESIA is required;
  • discussion on public participation during the ESIA procedure and the development of elements for the new legal text on this topic.

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  Evolution of EIA in Central Africa - cover

Publication now available in English: Evolution of EIA systems in Central Africa

In 2013, the NCEA in collaboration with SEEAC published a book on the evolution of EIA systems in Central Africa, focusing on the role of national professional associations. The book marked the end of the successful PAANEEAC programme. It contains valuable information on lessons learnt and future prospects for EIA systems in Central Africa, and is useful for anyone involved in EIA, especially in this region. Available both in French and English. You can order a hardcopy via

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