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Newsletter nr. 7, July 2014




Establishment of network EIA administrations Central Africa

The Economic Union of Central African States (ECCAS) will initiate the creation of a network of EIA administrations, the RACEEAC. The establishment of RACEAAC is a long-lasting wish of the EIA administrations. It will provide opportunities for cooperation and harmonisation of EIA regulation. The agreement to create RACEEAC was formalised in May in a meeting with the Secretariat for Environmental Assessment in Central Africa (SEEAC) and the NCEA. The SEEAC, accompanied by the NCEA will provide technical support in the coming years.

  bangladesh voorkant advies

Advice on EIA for the Main River Programme in Bangladesh

The Netherlands embassy in Dhaka requested the NCEA to review the quality of the EIA for the first out of three phases of the Main River Programme (2014-2023). This programme aims (i) to strengthen the flood and riverbank erosion management system of the main rivers in Bangladesh, and (ii) establish sustainable, integrated non-structural and structural risk management measures at priority erosion sites. The NCEA concluded that the EIA report provides sufficient information for decision-making on phase 1 of this programme. It however identified a number of shortcomings and recommended to remedy those in an SEA that has been planned for phase 2 and 3.  

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Revision ESIA legislation Burundi forthcoming

The Ministry of Environment (MEEATU) has decided to revise its legal framework for ESIA. Since the adoption of ESIA in 2010, its application has shown several deficits. Also Burundi’s society has evolved, and continues to do so, as do its demands. Decision making on investments therefore requires a modernized environmental and social management. The NCEA assists the Ministry with the ESIA ‘revision process’. Recently, the NCEA moderated a workshop with the Ministry of Environment and the national EIA association to analyse the legal framework for ESIA.

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  office du niger mali

Advice on SEA and planning for the Office du Niger in Mali

The Ministry for Rural Development of Mali has invited the NCEA to advise about integration of a Strategic Enviromental Assessment (SEA) in a planning process. The process concerns a long-term development plan for the irrigation area governed by the Office du Niger. This area is the ‘rice bowl’ of Mali. The plan is intended to set a framework for decision-making about new irrigation lots for smallholders and larger enterprises.



Review of EIA report on Adjarala hydropower dam in Benin and Togo

The governments of Benin and Togo are planning to develop the Adjarala dam to generate energy on the border of both countries. The dam will be financed by Chinese investors. The NCEA has been invited by both governments to review the EIA report. An NCEA working group of experts will therefore visit Benin mid July and submit their report by the end of August 2014.


The NCEA on TV news show in Benin

Mr. Sibout Nooteboom of the NCEA was a guest at a morning news show about the environment in Benin. The news show starts with a short overview of EIA legislation and practice in Benin.

Then Mr. Sibout Nooteboom discusses the current EIA situation, the EIA mapping tool and which improvements of the EIA system might be possible in the future.

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  rob verheem

Rob Verheem appointed as visiting professor by University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool’s Department of Geography and Planning has appointed NCEA director Mr. Rob Verheem as visiting professor for its School of Environmental Services. Prof. Verheem will be involved in SEA activities of the University. Meanwhile he will continue his activities at the NCEA.


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