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Newsletter nr. 13, July 2015

  june 2015 - benin

EIA for deep sea port in Benin

In June 2015, an NCEA working group visited Benin to advise about the scope for an EIA for a deep sea port. The port will be located 10 km east of Cotonou. It will form a key element of the infrastructure network that connects west African countries to the rest of the world. During its visit, the NCEA working group informally inspected the existing port of Cotonou upon invitation by the port authorities. It also presented the case of Rotterdam port at a seminar about sustainable port development.

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  june 2015 - benin2b

Benin’s Council of Ministers accepts new Environmental Assessment Decree

On 24 May 2015, the Council of Ministers of Benin has accepted a proposal for a new Decree on Environmental Assessment. The proposal offers a coherent framework for different types of environmental assessment: environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), strategic environmental assessment (SEA), environmental auditing and public hearings. The proposal has been developed with assistance of the NCEA.

Picture: President Yayi of Benin.

  May 2015 - Georgia

Review of Georgia’s new EIA/SEA legislation

The NCEA reviewed a draft of Georgia’s new EIA and SEA legislation. Findings were discussed in an expert meeting in Tbilisi (19 May), followed by a public stakeholders meeting (20 May). The development of this legislation is supported by UNECE and EaP GREEN. The draft SEA law will be tested through the development of an SEA (supported by UNECE) for the National Waste Management Strategy (supported by the EU). The legislation, the SEA and the Strategy are planned to be ready for approval by the end of 2015. The NCEA will provide guidance on SEA implementation and synergy with the Strategy.

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  June 2015 - Georgia 2

SEA training in Georgia

The NCEA carried out an introductory training course on SEA in Georgia. This is a first step towards SEA introduction in the country. Representatives of the Ministry of Environment and three sector ministries attended the training that was organized in Telavi (23-26 June). The knowledge gained will be applied in the execution of a pilot SEA for the before mentioned National Waste Management Strategy.