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Newsletter nr. 22, May 2017

  March 2017 - Indonesia

SEA workshop for NGOs in Indonesia

SEA can be a good entry point for NGOs to engage with government planning. The NCEA facilitated an NGO workshop in Jakarta (as part of the cooperation with IUCN-NL) to share lessons learnt from SEA applications in Indonesia. These lessons were used to make plans for NGO involvement in upcoming SEAs.

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  April 2017 - Digital ESIA

Interactive ESIA reports

How to make ESIA reports more accessible and understandable for the public? With this question in mind, a pilot for ‘interactive ESIA reports’ started in The Netherlands. The NCEA was asked to assess the added value of interactive ESIA reports compared to ‘traditional’ reports. Image: Royal HaskoningDHV

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  April 2017 - Madagascar

Introducing SEA in Madagascar

Could SEA be a means to achieve sustainable management of the Ampasindava peninsula in Madagascar? Focusing on this question, the NCEA facilitated an introductory workshop on SEA for local stakeholders in Madagascar. The workshop was part of the cooperation programme with IUCN-NL.

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  April 2017 - Uganda

Workshop on ESIA review in Uganda

Petroleum related projects often have a variety of environmental and social effects. To judge whether they have all been addressed in the ESIA, ESIA reviewers need specific expertise. For this reason, the NCEA organised a workshop for 16 representatives of environmental institutions in Uganda.

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  April 2017 - Uganda IUCN

Mobilising civil society for SEA in Uganda

Civil society organisations play a key role in mobilising stakeholders around SEA. In order to do so, they need basic knowledge of the principles and purposes of SEA. This was the topic of an NCEA training for 25 members of Ugandan CSOs, in the framework of the IUCN-NL cooperation programme.

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