Publication: SEA for the Mining Sector - Lessons from country case studies

Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Mining Sector: Lessons from country case studies was published by The Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) and the NCEA. This report provides analysis and case studies that highlight how environmental assessments (SEA) can improve mining sector governance.

The report is available in English here.
The report is available in French here.

SEA and mining

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is an approach that can enhance the mining 
sector’s contribution to sustainable development. It is a strategic-level approach that has 
evolved out of project-level environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA).

While the role of ESIA in large mining projects is well known, the positive role of SEA in 
developing a sector vision for responsible mining has only recently emerged. The same applies to the role of SEA in integrating mining activities into the broader context of national and regional development planning and its role in aligning these activities with existing policies on, for example, biodiversity.

Why this report?

The aim of this report is to encourage the use of SEA in the mining sector. This is more 
relevant than ever, given the global energy transition and the steeply rising demand for 
minerals. Building on a range of case studies, the report shows the potential benefits of SEA for mining.

The specific goals of this report are to 
• encourage key actors to be more aware of the benefits of SEA 
• identify challenges in developing SEA for the mining sector 
• discuss ways to overcome these challenges, based on a range of case studies

The report highlights the need for capacity building, institutional collaboration, and 
stakeholder participation in relation to SEA for mining, underlining the importance of SEA in relation to critical minerals. It is directed at governments, civil society, mining companies, and the public in countries where mining takes place.

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