8034-01. WWF SRJS Zambia

IUCN-NL and WWF-NL work together in a Dutch-funded Strategic Partnership called SRJS: Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (2017-2020). The NCEA has an agreement with SRJS to develop joint capacity building programmes and Zambia is one of the focus countries and regions.

Advisory reports and other documents

26 Jun 2017: Memorandum
ESIA exploratory mission report June 2017 - Zambia
27 Sep 2018: Memorandum
Final mission report July 2018
07 Aug 2019: Memorandum
Final workshop report WWF SRJS Zambia

Significant details

In SRJS, ESIA/SEA processes are seen as relevant instruments to implement a multi-stakeholder landscape approach. In Zambia, the NCEA cooperates with WWF Zambia to further increase the capacity in ESIA/SEA systems and practice. This cooperation takes place within the framework of the Zambia Basin Freshwater Strategy (2016-2020) of WWF Zambia and Mozambique. A key partner in this cooperation is the Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA). The activities in Zambia mainly focus on strengthening CSO's skills in engaging in ESIA/SEA processes, ZEMA's capacity to fulfill their mandate and improvements in the regulatory framework. 

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Bryony Walmsley, PhD

Technical secretary: Leyla Özay, MSc

Further details

Country: Zambia

Last modified: 01 Feb 2022