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SRJS Philippines: SEA for land use planning in Zamboanga del Norte Under the IUCN-NL and Dutch government's SRJS programme, the NCEA has been providing support to an SEA for local land use planning in District 1 of the Province Zamboanga del Norte. This voluntary SEA is an initiative of both the province and the municipalities of the District.

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The SEA process, which brings together various stakeholders, can be instrumental in implementing the multi-stakeholder approach that is promoted by IUCN-NL in its SRJS (Shared Resources, Joint Solutions) programme. The programme facilitates dialogues between CSOs, government and private sector parties. To realise this potential, CSOs need to be trained and assisted to play their role in the integrated impact assessment, decision-making and implementation monitoring processes.

IUCN-NL and the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) have been working together in the SRJS programme to build capacity for ESIA and SEA. In the Philippines the programme has been providing support to an SEA process for plan use planning in Zamboanga del Norte.

Activities included workshops to raise awareness on SEA, and to plan the SEA approach. Local NGO PARTS has been running the SEA process from day to day. This has involved a series of analytical and consultation activities that have resulted in a better joint understanding of the planning challenges and solutions. The NCEA has given a reflection on the SEA document to inform a series of lessons learned discussions amongst different stakeholders.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Elmer Salita Mercado, MSc
Peter Jon Nelson

Technical secretary: Rob Verheem

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Last modified: 19 Dec 2023