8010. Advisory review: EIA for Urirama windpark

The NCEA was asked to review the EIA for the Urirama windpark in Aruba in 2012. It concluded that the EIA is of sufficient quality to allow integration of health aspects into decision-making on the project.

Advisory reports and other documents

08 Nov 2012: Advisory review
Advisory Review Urirama Windpark

Significant details

Some main conclusions of the NCEA's advisory report (which is in Dutch) are:

  • The EIA provides a good description of the proposed activity, apart from minor imperfections in the description of noise effects;
  • It is advisable to investigate possibilities to make adaptations in the project if stakeholders experience negative effects when the windpark is already in use;
  • The EIA does not describe alternative locations; reasons for this are provided in the EIA but more information on the local situation would be required to judge their validity.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Chair: Leni van Rijn-Vellekoop
Technical secretary: Bobbi Schijf

Further details

Country: Aruba

Last modified: 23 Feb 2021