7385. AMAN Green Hydrogen Project - Mauritania

The Direction de l’Evaluation et du Contrôle Environnementale (DECE) of the Ministry of Environment in Mauritania has requested the NCEA to review the ToR for the ESIA for the AMAN green hydrogen project.  

Advisory reports and other documents

15 Dec 2023: Other
Avis sur les termes de référence pour l’EIES du projet d’hydrogène vert ‘AMAN’

Significant details

The project includes components in the coastal areas surrounding Levrier Bay and the Cap Blanc Peninsula. This includes infrastructure for water desalination, ammonia production, hydrogen manufacturing, and product export. The project also includes the installation of wind turbines and solar panels in an 8,500 km2 desert area in the east of the Nouadhibou Peninsula. These facilities are expected to generate up to 30 GW of renewable electricity.

Next to Ms Edy Blom, Ms Laurie Borrelli is also associated to this project as Technical Secretary.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Karima Broche Derradji, MSc
Philippe Jean, PhD
Sandra Rose Kloff

Chair: Simone Filippini
Technical secretary: Edy Blom

Further details

Country: Mauritania

Last modified: 05 Feb 2024