7332. Sustainability advice for the water management scheme for the Sourou area in Mali

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bamako asked the NCEA to give an advice on the sustainability of the Sourou Water Development and Management Plan (SAGE-Sourou) for the implementation of the Integrated and Sustainable Development Programme for the Sourou (PDIDS).

Advisory reports and other documents

08 Dec 2020: Advisory review
Avis de durabilité SAGE Sourou

Significant details

One of the issues identified in the PDIDS as an important aspect for the development of the Sourou area is water availability. This strongly depends on the management of the Léry dam on the Sourou but also the Samendeni dam upstream on the Mouhoun, both in Burkina Faso. To better control the water resources available in relation to their uses, a Water Development and Management Scheme of the Sourou (SAGE-Sourou) was developed by a consultancy firm, financed by the PCA GIRE programme (Joint Support Programme - Integrated Water Resources Management, also financed by the Embassy of the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden). SAGE-Sourou declines, on the scale of the Sourou basin, the major orientations defined by the water development and management masterplan (SDAGE). The SAGE sets out the priorities to be retained (with regard to water), taking in account :
• the protection of the natural aquatic environment,
• the needs for developing the water resources,
• the foreseeable evolution of the rural space,
• the urban and economic environment,
• the balance to be ensured between the different uses of water, and
• economic constraints.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Caroline, Marie des Neiges Figuères, MSc
Hein van Stokkom

Technical secretary: Paula Dobbelaar-van Meenen

Further details

Country: Mali

Last modified: 19 Sep 2022