7287-02. SEA Coaching - Vallée du Niger

The Ministry of Environment formulated a vision and a strategic plan for the Niger Valley, in the west of the country. The strategic plan comprises a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The NCEA is involved in the coaching of the SEA development process.

Significant details

In 2020, the Ministry of Environment and Desertification Control (MELCD) took initiative to develop a vision and strategic plan for the Niger Valley, in the west of the country (hereafter referred to as the "Programme"). The Programme will contribute to the integrated management of natural resources, including water, land, reforestation etc., in associated with local economic development.

The strategic plan will be subjected to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). SEA ensures international best practices for strategic development, requiring transparency and public participation throughout the decision-making process, taking into account social and environmental issues etc.

The NCEA was asked to coach the development of the SEA programme. In April 2021, the NCEA contributed to a kick-off workshop; subsequently the NCEA has coached the process, conducted a governance assessment, provided comments on the roadmap, and other coaching activities.


Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Stephen Teeuwen, MSc

Further details

Last modified: 22 Jun 2022