7287-01. MoU BNEE-NCEA 2019-2022 - Niger

In February 2019, the Nigerien Ministry of Environment and the NCEA signed a protocol for collaboration (2019 - 2022), expressing their intention to cooperation on various topics related to environmental impact assessment.

Advisory reports and other documents

22 Feb 2019: Other
Rapport de mission-Séances de travail sur législation environnementale nigérienne 4-8 fev 2019
23 Sep 2019: Other
Rapport de mission-Atelier sur procédures d’EE au Niger 2-8 sept 2019

Significant details

Together, the two parties are developing a multiannual work plan, which foresees activities on:

  • Legislation on ESIA/SEA
  • Training of trainers
  • Increasing professional exchange
  • Coaching of an SEA process
  • And of course independent advice on individual ESIAs. 
Staff from the National Agency for Environmental Assessment (BNEE) and the NCEA have already started with various working sessions on environmental legislation. One of these being a training course, held from from 3 to 5 September 2019, on the occasion of the new ESIA legislation, which was introduced earlier this year. 

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Mr D. Bitondo
Mr R. Slootweg

Technical secretary: Mr S.J. Teeuwen

Further details

Country: Niger

Last modified: 29 Jan 2020